450/night - High Season
280/night - Low Season

Fully Furnished & Spacious Suites with lots of room types to choose from – studio, one bedroom, two bedroom. Each may feature a bed, air-con, fridge, shower heater, shower curtain, and window curtain. You deserve to live comfortably with most reasonable options.

24/7 Security because this is a home and we take care of you like family. We have 72 CCTV, security personnel, and implement visiting hours for your protection and peace of mind.

Mama V Restaurant offers affordable home cooked meals that guests and tenants can enjoy. It also features KTV rooms with no minimum charge per person where friends can have a lot of fun as Filipinos love to sing. Try our chicharon bulaklak, pansit, tapa, sisig, Pinoy pizza, sago’t gulaman and more!